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MUSIC: Daniel Ojo – How Great You Are (ft Javis Mays) | @talk2danne


MUSIC: Daniel Ojo – How Great You Are (ft Javis Mays) | @talk2danne


Canadian based music artist Daniel Ojo a glorious worship leader of The Psalmist Music has released a new single with a grateful heart titled “How Great You Are”

Daniel Ojo said and I quote:

This song was birth in prayer from the story of David and Goliath in 1 Sam. 17. The entire people of Israel had all their attention on Goliath and his boasting, no one could go against him, not even the king.

But David had a different mindset. He had a testimony of how God had saved and delivered him from the lion and the bear. Oh how quickly the Israelites forgot how God had brought them far. In the end, David killed Goliath!!! So can you!

In prayer, I began to shift my attention to the greatness of God and away from any problems or issues I have going on. And then the song came, ran into my studio, pen it down, recorded it and that’s pretty much it.

I pray that as you listen to this song, God will be magnified in their heart and in every situation. As we worship God and begin to magnify him, we will begin to see Him work wonders in our lives.

I am so honored to have my brother Javis Mays from Orlando, Florida featured in this song. Go get your couple now and I cannot wait to hear your testimonies!!!

Download and listen below:

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