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Breaking news: Who ordained you? — Sammie Okposo slams Pastor Antwi for tagging commercial gospel artistes as thieves


Breaking news: Who ordained you? — Sammie Okposo slams Pastor Antwi for tagging commercial gospel artistes as thieves


One of the best Nigerian gospel minister, Sammie Okposo has taken to Instagram to blast a UK-based Pastor, David Antwi for saying only thieves who are Satan’s cousins, play church instrument and collect money.

The founder and General Overseer of Kharis Church in the United Kingdom declares that all instrumentalists who collect money are Satan’s cousins.

Sammie Okposo who became angry about this statement stated that it is wrong on all sight and levels. The gospel singer who said that some instrumentalists serve as volunteers in their home churches, furthermore put that the ones who collect money for playing church instruments on full time basis knowing fully well that it is their only source of livelihood do so as to sustain their body, soul Spirit together and for this reason they should be paid. Sammie Okposo also wondered who ordained the UK-based preacher.

The Bible clearly states that the gift of a man maketh way For him.

These are the word of Nigeria super star and I quote:

Who is this oh my goodness oh my God who is this please which church is this who is this pastor why why why how can you be making such uninformed and misguided statements????
i dont know who you are
and i dont know what you said before and after this clip
but this clip right here is wrong on every level

i have no personal beef with you im not against you
im against this statement and the mindset behind it
some muscians serve as volunteers in thier home churches but the ones who decide that they want to get paid cos they do it full time as their main source of lively hood should be paid
why are you insulting and publicly shaming professional musicians who work in church and earn a living with their skill calling them thieves????and they are satan’s first cousin???

please sir what bible school did you attend that you were taught what you are saying?
who ordained you???
which bible verse/verses can you use to back up what you are saying?
ok lets just assume this your theory is correct you that preach in church and collect church money,honourarium,love offering etc”WHAT ARE YOU”???


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