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MUSIC ALERT: Michael Bentil – Atobiju | @Michael_aBentil


MUSIC ALERT: Michael Bentil – Atobiju | @Michael_aBentil


One of the finest worshipper Michael Bentil announces the release of his single, ATOBIJU (Immeasurable God)

This song was produced with the intention of showing gratitude and explaining the capability and magnitude of God’s glory immeasurable, uncomparable God.

This song initially released in August 2018, showing the immeasurable nature of God and how words fail to fully describe God’s awesomeness.

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This song was inspired by the help of the Holy Spirit, written and lead vocal by Michael Bentil. The song also features Nana Amoah, a young and rising gospel musician in Ghana.

Verse 1: I am amazed by your expansivity, I cannot fathom how big you are
cos you are bigger than how you were described, there are no words at all to qualify
Even the works of your hands, they blow my mind
How could I measure you when there’e no scale?

Chorus: Atobiju, e yin loba awon oba
Atobiju, e yin loba ogo

Verse 2: The sun, the moon, the stars, they bow down to you
they are the creation of your spoken word
even the earth we boast of is your footstool
you are magnanimous, there’s no like you
and in the beauty of you, we were designed
you made us beautiful and so wonderful!

Refrain : Bigger than the biggest, stronger than the strongest
you are, you are

Higher than the highest, greater than the greatest
you are, you are

outro: Atobiju oo, Eyin loba awon oba
Ato biju oo, Eyin loba ogo.


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