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Sweet Sweet Love – Lord Louis @mrlordlouis [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Sweet Sweet Love – Lord Louis @mrlordlouis [FREE DOWNLOAD]

sweet sweet love

Sweet Sweet Love By Lord Louis

Lord Louis is one of the popular gospel artist and producer in Nigeria, West Africa and beyond, He became famous with his hit track ‘’Onyedikagi’’, Lord Louis has produced many inspiring and spiritually-motivated songs which we sing in the Body of Christ. He has also released many inspiring and spiritually-motivated songs which he compiled into an album (Director). His mandate is to bring hope to the world through his music. At the moment, he has a single release ‘’ Sweet Sweet Love’’ Here is what he said when asked how he came about his famous-newly released track ’’sweet sweet love’’ When you sin, men point accusing fingers @ you but God stretches forth His hands of ‘’LOVE’’ to hold you. Click the link below to Download, Enjoy and Share!

Sweet Sweet Love By Lord LOUIS:


Lyrics – Sweet Sweet Love By Lord Louis:

Verse Your love is sweeter than honey Jesus Your love is stronger than wine Your love is deeper than the oceans Your love is better than gold Sweet sweet love ooo               Chorus Your love na sweet sweet love ooo *Response sweet sweet love ooo              Interlude                Verse No price can pay for the love you shown to me oh God This love is indescribable oh Jesus This love never runs dry Your love knows no end at all oo Even when I make mistakes your love puts me back again. Even in my sins your love still prevail Repeat chorus             Verse I found love when I found you oh God cos nobody loves me better. Your loving kindness never cease at all Jesus Your mercy’s are new day by day ooooo Your Joy always fills my heart sweet sweet love ooo Repeat chorus Refrain Your love sweet pass honey


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